Green Cat Hydrogen is a wholly Scottish owned and operated developer of green hydrogen projects. Our mission is to provide clients with tailored, cost competitive, zero carbon energy solutions.

Our team is actively working with a selection of green electricity generators and offtakes to construct new electrolytic green hydrogen production facilities.

Bespoke hydrogen solutions are provided to clients across public and private sectors. Our team has an extensive background in renewable energy and is leveraging both existing, undeveloped, and under-utilised renewable assets for the production of electrolytic hydrogen.

Meet Our Executive Team

Dr Gavin Catto

Chief Executive Officer

Gavin is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in the Renewable Energy industry.

Gavin is the CEO and Principal Shareholder in Green Cat Hydrogen. Managing Director and Principal Shareholder of the Green Cat group of Companies. The Green Cat group consists of development support consultancy practices in both the UK and North America, a project development business specialising in renewable energy projects in the UK and specialist civil and electrical contracting business also UK based.

Gavin established Green Cat Renewables in December 2004 following over a decade of experience in the renewables industry developing wind, small-scale hydro and solar projects. From a background of electrical engineering, and with a PhD in wind turbine generator design, his broad base of expertise includes project feasibility assessment and optimisation, project management, construction management, commercial risk assessment, environmental assessment, resource assessment, grid connection negotiation and design.

Mr Calum MacLennan

Operations Director

Calum has experience working in a variety of roles across consulting and  both the development and construction of energy projects for over 10 years. In his role as Operations Director with Green Cat Hydrogen, Calum oversees day-to-day business operations.

During his time with Green Cat Calum has provided planning and engineering consultant support through Green Cat Renewables Ltd., managed tendering, procurement and construction of projects with Green Cat Contracting Ltd, and latterly fulfilled the role of Director with Green Cat Renewables Canada Corporation. In these roles, he has supported a broad range of renewable energy projects, ranging in capacity from a gigawatt to less than 1 megawatt. He has experience across all stages of project development and brings a hand on approach to project delivery.

What are we doing?

We are developing a portfolio of green hydrogen production projects across the Scotland, England and Wales utilising existing and proposed renewable energy sources to produce clean, zero carbon, hydrogen.

We leveraging our teams extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable energy sector to drive down the cost of production of green hydrogen, ensuring delivery of a cost competitive product for the end user.

Our projects will make use of renewable energy, which may have otherwise been wasted, enabling the potential for production of 100% CO2 free hydrogen. Converting electric energy to chemical energy (Hydrogen) opens the door for easier and more efficient storage and transport.


Why are we doing it?

Hydrogen is used in several sectors including as a feedstock for industrial processes. Hydrogen potential in potential difficult to electrify transport sectors such as buses, trains, heavy-duty freight, ferries, and ocean-going shipping.

How are we doing it?

Electrolysers being powered by co-located renewable energy sources, will convert Water (H2O) into component parts hydrogen and oxygen gas. The hydrogen will then be compressed and stored and transported by either specially designed tube trailers, or by pipe, directly to customers.

Oxygen produced during the process will either be compressed, stored and transported to consumers or vented to the surrounding atmosphere, subject to local demand.