Green Cat Hydrogen are developing a portfolio of green hydrogen production and distribution projects, supporting potential hydrogen hubs across the UK.

Details of our first projects are summarised below.

Strathallan Green Hydrogen

This project has been sited adjacent to the proposed Strathallan Wind Farm, which will commence construction early in 2023. Phase one of the wind farm will consist of four 2.3 MW wind turbines, phase two will involve the construction of a further five 2.3 MW wind turbines, providing a total onsite generation capacity of over 20 MW.

Once deployed the proposed green hydrogen production facility will be capable of producing over two tonnes of carbon free hydrogen per day.

Hydrogen from this site will be transported by tube trailer to local demand centers, such as regional clean fuel transport hubs.

Binn Eco Park Hydrogen

The ‘Binn EcoPark Hydrogen’ project will help achieve both national and regional goals by supporting public service and industrial decarbonisation. The Project is a green hydrogen production facility that will utilise onsite renewable energy to produce low carbon hydrogen for use in local markets including Perth and Kinross and neighboring council areas.

The EcoPark currently hosts four 2.35 MW wind turbines and will be supplementing the existing 9.4MW of generation with a 7MW energy from waste facility and a 7MW solar facility. The Project will help to expedite the deployment of regional clean fuel hubs and enable the transition to clean fuels in the region, while also minimising curtailment of locally produced renewable energy. When fully operational, onsite electrolysis will have the potential to produce approaching one million kilograms of low carbon hydrogen per year.

The projects will provide new insight and increase awareness and confidence among regional stakeholders, including but not limited to the public, local planning authorities, power providers and off takers. Outcomes from this project will have several regionally significant impacts but the project has the potential to help other regions across the UK understand supply-chain shortages, skill requirements, development risk and any gaps in the regulatory environment. Once operational the project will provide crucial information on system reliability and technical performance. Success will help to facilitate the UK taking a leading role in this new emerging economic sector, building upon local supply chains and potentially exporting services and green hydrogen to other countries in future years.